Public Safety, Victimization, and Perceptions of the Police in 8 RCMP Jurisdictions in British Columbia

This report presents the results of a public safety survey conducted by the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University College of the Fraser Valley in eight RCMP Detachment jurisdictions. The purpose of the survey was to describe residents’ feelings about their own personal safety and the nature and extent of victimization in […]

Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) ~ Phase 1: Task Analysis

While police work is primarily sedentary, police officers are required to frequently engage in near maximal workloads for short periods of time during incidents of a critical nature (Anderson et al., 2001). Critical incidents are often extremely physically challenging while the failure of officers to perform in such situations could clearly endanger themselves, their fellow […]

Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) ~ Phase 2: Discrete Item Analysis

Bona fide occupational requirements can be defined as “a condition of employment that is imposed in the belief that it is necessary for the safe, efficient, and reliable performance of the job and which is objectively, reasonably necessary for such performance (Gledhill, Jamnik and Shaw, 2001: p 9).” Organisations who wish to impose a bona […]

The Nature and Extent of Impaired Driving in RCMP Jurisdictions in British Columbia: A Review of Police Files

Impaired driving is a criminal offence that has the potential to both directly and indirectly affect many lives. Although reported rates of this dangerous activity have decreased over the past several decades, impaired driving continues to represent a large proportion of cases heard in court. However, there is a lack of research in Canada regarding […]

A Report on the Utility of the Automated Licence Plate Recognition System in British Columbia

With the high rate of auto theft in British Columbia and the general risk to the public from unlicenced, prohibited, or uninsured drivers, the RCMP, other municipal police forces, and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia continue to develop and test a myriad of strategies to keep citizens safe. One such strategy is the deployment […]

Revisiting Hydroponic Cultivation Equipment Outlets in British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington State

This report describes the results of a study that examined the number of hydroponic shops in British Columbia in comparison to the number of such shops within the borders of its two major neighbors, Washington State and Alberta. In doing so, the report provides an update to a very similar examination conducted in the fall […]

Responding to the Dangers of Methamphetamine

The intention of this report is to collect and provide information on the use and production of methamphetamine, and the best practices currently in use in many jurisdictions to respond to its use, production, and distribution. In addition, this report provides direction to communities wishing to develop their own response to methamphetamine. This report was […]

Motor Vehicle Theft: An Analysis of Recovered Vehicles in the Fraser Valley

Motor vehicle theft is one of the most commonly reported crimes in Canada. In British Columbia, an estimated 48 vehicles are stolen every day. Vehicles are typically stolen for three reasons: recreation, transportation, or profit. Vehicles stolen for recreation primarily involve youth attempting to establish status among peers. This form of motor vehicle theft involves […]