Books Worth Reading for Leaders in Criminal Justice

This collection of book reviews is from a graduate class on leadership and change management in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of the Fraser Valley. The collection is simply offered for criminal justice professionals to learn more about how to become more effective leaders. The books chosen for review were not selected for any other reason than, in the opinion of the student writing the review, the book offered good advice for a criminal justice audience. With that in mind, the collection is an interesting one, because none of the books reviewed were written by criminal justice leaders or specifically for a criminal justice audience. Still, this collection of books is not surprising because most of what has been written about leadership applies to leading within organizations of all kinds. Even the most cursory review of the books selected for this collection will provide the reader with at least one very important take-away message and practice that can improve the way the reader leads.


Download (PDF, 931KB)

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