Who We Are

The Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research provides research and consulting expertise to criminal justice agencies, governments, public safety agencies, and community organizations on issues related to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public safety operations and proposed initiatives. The mission of the Centre is to assist government agencies related to public safety to evaluate programs, policies, strategies and propose evidence-based initiatives to the criminal justice system and agencies of public safety to reduce crime. The Centre provides a full range of analytic solutions to allow public safety agencies and the criminal justice system to be information and intelligence led and evaluates emerging hardware and software solutions and to make recommendations on their adoption by public safety agencies. In addition, the research conducted by the Centre also focuses on developing solutions to share with police and other public safety agencies to increase their efficiencies and effectiveness in preventing/responding to crime. In doing so, the Centre provides learning opportunities for students, including applied and research skills.

To accomplish its mandate, the Centre brings experts and partners in criminal and social justice issues, government, academics, students, and agencies together to participate in community-based research initiatives focused on crime reduction and public safety. The Centre also provides a forum for the dissemination of research, and a secure research facility where data can be analysed through modern data management systems.