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Respecting Diversity (Racism)

Schools and communities in BC have a wealth of cultural and racial diversity. Considering that one in six youth are of a visible minority, it is important not only to acknowledge differences but to learn, model, and respect varied ways of knowing and being. There are barriers to embracing diversity and some may be surprised […]

Bars that Cause Scars

Any kind of major disruption in the family home can cause confusion and trauma for children, including from interruptions arising from the arrest and incarceration of a parent. This fact sheet provides a summary of some of the challenges children endure and offers suggestions for service providers and criminal justice professionals to help alleviate this […]

On the Rights of Indigenous Children

When indigenous children are overrepresented among children separated from their family environment, as they are in British Columbia, specially targeted measures should be adopted in consultation with indigenous communities in order to reduce the number of indigenous children in alternative care and prevent the loss of their cultural identity. Specifically, if an indigenous child is […]

Restorative Practices in Schools and Communities

Restorative action is valued in communities that view conflict as a learning opportunity.  It is a practice that helps individuals understand the effect of their actions on others and to build skills for resolving conflicts more peacefully. Restorative action utilizes empathic listening, open-ended questioning, summarizing, paraphrasing, and identifying underlying needs and interests (Gillman and Bowler, […]

Baby Bath Seats and Rings

Baby bath seats and rings are devices used to hold babies in an upright position while in the bathtub.  Some parents use baby bath seats or rings to free up their hands while washing a child. This occurs as suction cups fasten the seat or ring to the bottom of the tub, holding the baby […]