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BCLC’S Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program from the Perspectives and Experiences of Program Participants

Gambling is a common pastime for British Columbians, with 73% of adults in 2014 reporting past year gambling (R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd, 2014). Unfortunately, for approximately 3% of this population, gambling becomes more than just a pastime and problem symptoms can begin to emerge, such as difficulties in limiting the amount or time spent […]

A Cursory Review of Selected Crime Prevention Coordination Mechanisms

Crime prevention coordination mechanisms are internationally recognized as a key feature of any successful national crime prevention strategy. Such mechanisms have been historically developed to effectively and efficiently facilitate priority areas, mobilize communities and stakeholders, and increase regional capacity to ultimately reduce crime and improve the quality of life for all.

The Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana and Implications for Local Government

The purpose of this study is to provide the City of Surrey with a literature review of journal articles and technical reports relating to the pending legalization and regulation of marijuana in Canada. The literature review is centred around five main themes: (1) marijuana harms to infants, children, and youth: (2) marijuana use and burn […]

Occupational Exposure to Asbestos among Civic Workers: A Risk Assessment of Low-dose Exposure

Asbestos is a human carcinogen and has been prohibited in many countries around the world. Long-term exposure to asbestos can lead to negative health outcomes including mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural thickening, and lung cancer. The incidence of asbestos-related disease has been increasing in industrialized countries over the past decade. Exposure to asbestos and the risk for […]

A Response to Illicit Drug Overdoses: Naloxone Administration in Surrey and Vancouver, British Columbia

The administration of naloxone by fire first responders was initiated in Vancouver and Surrey in response to increasing opioid related overdose incidents along with the inability of first responders’ to administer an antidote treatment. The naloxone administration protocol was implemented in February 2016 and this study discusses the experiences to date in both cities. Overall, […]

An Analysis of the Socio-Economic and Socio-Demographic Contributors to Property Crime in the Lower Mainland District

According to the data presented by police leaders at the September 29th, 2015 Metro Vancouver Crime Meeting, property crime increased for the second consecutive year in the Lower Mainland District (LMD) of British Columbia. Of the 22 RCMP and municipal police jurisdictions that comprise the LMD, it was reported that, between January and August 2015, […]

The Impact of Sentencing and Other Judicial Decisions on the Children of Parents in Conflict with the Law: Implications for Sentencing Reform

The situation of children whose parents are involved in adult criminal proceedings is emerging as a pressing public policy concern. There is a growing body of empirical evidence recognizing the adverse effects for dependent children both as direct and indirect victims of their parents’ criminal behaviour and in relation to criminal justice decisions about their […]