Assessing the Safety of Smart Meter Installations in British Columbia: Analysis of Residential Structure Fires in BC between July 2010 and June 2016

In June 2011, BC Hydro commenced implementation of its Smart Metering Program, which involved converting every residential property in British Columbia from legacy metering to wireless technology smart meters. This Smart Metering Program involves replacing existing electrical meters that are now becoming obsolete, with a comprehensive wireless smart metering system. In total, BC Hydro has installed 1.9 million smart meters to improve service and reliability for 4 million customers in the province. This development in British Columbia mirrors similar activity in other areas, with a general shift by utilities companies from around the world towards upgrading their electricity systems and adopting smart meter technology. It is predicted that by 2015, a total of 250 million smart meters will be installed worldwide (Pike Research, November 2009).

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