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The Value of Resources in Solving Homicides: The Difference Between Gang Related and Non-Gang Related Cases

In order to solve homicides, there are a number of important factors that contribute to the police’s likelihood of success, such as the amount of time the investigation requires, the presence of witnesses and witness cooperation, the type of weapon, and the relationship between the offender and the victim. Some of these issues are more […]

Challenges Associated with Interpreting and Using Police Clearance Rates

Police-reported crime statistics include frequency of criminal incidents, the severity of incidents, and the solve rate of incidents (Statistics Canada, 2011). These statistics are collected nationally on a monthly basis from over 1,200 different police departments in Canada, and are used to determine the overall crime and clearance rates annually reported to the public in […]

RCMP Code of Conduct Cases in British Columbia: A Five Year Review 2005-2009

This report is in response to a request from the RCMP’s E Division Professional Standards Unit to conduct a statistical review of Code of Conduct allegations against RCMP members in British Columbia. Specifically, the request was to describe the nature and extent of recent Code of Conduct allegations against RCMP members in British Columbia. The […]

Marked vs. Unmarked Patrol Vehicles

There is no shortage of police science literature focusing on the patrol vehicle. While considerable research has been devoted to the crime reduction effect of patrol in general, the examination of one versus two manned vehicles, the color scheme of patrol cars, and even the feasibility of converting to propane, there is an absence of […]

Surrey RCMP Ride Along Study – Surrey Nutrition Report

Good nutrition is important to staying healthy. This is especially important if your job requires you to be physically fit. Given their mandate, police officers must have a readiness to respond quickly and sometimes lastingly to extremely taxing physical situations (Anderson and Plecas, 2008; Anderson, Plecas, & Segger, 2001). Moreover, police work can be extremely […]

Understanding and Reducing RCMP Motor Vehicle Collisions

Despite training to handle the operation of motor vehicles under a variety of road, weather, and situational conditions, a substantial proportion of police vehicles are involved in collisions on an annual basis (Becker, Zaloshnja, Levick, Li, & Miller, 2003; Lundalv, Philipson, & Sarre, 2010). This is not unexpected given that police officers typically spend half […]