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正确决策: 政府工作人员基于证据的决策指南

本练习册是为了配合教材《正确决策:政府工作人员基于证据的决策指南》使用 而编写的。您可以把本册当成自学指 南,或者在课堂或者工作坊的环境下使 用。虽然教材中归纳的技巧种有许多单 独使用纸笔或者电脑就可以进行有效的 练习,但是更多的技巧在集体环境中效 果最佳。比如环境扫描和SWOT(优势,劣势,机会和威胁)分析就更加适合小 组练习。

正确决策: 政府工作人员基于证据的决策指南

就职于市级,省级或者联邦政府的工作 人员,都在为所处区域的居民提供高效 率的服务。无论是帮助公众的前台人 员,或是帮助执政官员制定有效的政策 和项目的幕后人员都是如此。政府工作 人员-公务员-是健全的政府的一个关 键组成部分。这些工作人员以促使政府 以及其政策有效运行为己任,帮助完善 民用项目,并确保其按照计划实行。

The Right Decision: Evidence-based Decision Making for Government Professionals

We make hundreds of decisions daily, ranging from what to have for breakfast, to deciding in which room to hold a meeting, to whether or not to buy a new car. Many of those decisions are informal and relatively insignificant, and have few consequences, while some incur a degree of risk or uncertainty. Each of us takes risks every day. For […]

The Right Decision: Evidence-based Decision Making for Government Professionals – Workbook

This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the text, The Right Decision: Evidence-based Decision Making for Government Professionals. It can be used as a self-study guide or in either a classroom or workshop setting. While many of the techniques outlined in the text can be used very effectively by an individual working with a paper and pencil or a laptop, many […]

HMCRP REPORT 14: Guide for Communicating Emergency Response Information for Natural Gas and Hazardous Liquids Pipelines

Pipeline incidents can have negative consequences for life, property, and the environment. Analysis of previous inci- dents indicates that communication (the exchange of infor- mation) is crucial in the early stages of a pipeline emergency. Challenges may include recognition of the pipeline emer- gency, identification of the appropriate pipeline operator, and passing information back and […]