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Wood Products-1

Firefighter Wood Product and Building Systems Awareness: A Resource Guide

The construction industry continues to be a growing economic sector in Canada. Within this market, various stakeholders are exploring traditional building products as well as innovating with these and other products. Numerous jurisdictions are exploring reformative measures that have the potential to enhance opportunities for the wood industry to respond to various economic, sustainability, environmental, […]

Firefighter Injury Study v5

Firefighter Injuries in British Columbia: An Examination of Frequency, Severity, Locational and Temporal aspects

When firefighter injuries occur, especially at the fire-ground, they tend to evoke heightened media attention as well as public concern and interest. While these concerns are understandable given the potential for injuries and casualties at the fire-ground or at other emergency incidents, such concerns must be placed into context. Firefighter injuries may potentially lead to […]

Microsoft Word - An Assessment of Surrey RCMP's Continuous Impro

An Assessment of Surrey RCMP’S Continuous Improvement Team

Two of the current challenges facing police agencies are a reduction in resources coupled with the increasing complexity of crime (National Policing Improvement Agency, 2011; Crompton, 2014). Moreover, in many jurisdictions, police are being asked to respond to greater public demand for service than in the past (Fryer, Antony, and Douglas, 2007). Due to this, many police agencies […]

Theories cover

A Review of the Research Literature on the Individual-Level Theories of Homicide

In a previous report, national, regional, and neighbourhood theories of homicide were reviewed and its related research was analyzed to better understand street or public homicides in Canadian urban contexts (Corrado and Cohen, 2014). One of the main themes from the report was that, despite the importance of these risk factors, they did not explain […]

Extra-Judicial Measures

‘Measuring Up': A Self Examination of Police Receptivity to the Extrajudicial Measures Referral Database

Canada is a global frontrunner in using extrajudicial measures to deal with non-serious youth offenses. As opposed to dealing with a youth offence through the formal criminal justice system, police officers can use extrajudicial measures to divert youth into alternative programs to hold them accountable and to assist them in making better choices. Specifically, when […]

CT15-25570-01_FI_FR-CWC Construction Fire Safety Manual - Mar 26

La sécurité incendie sur les chantiers: Guide pour la construction de grands immeubles

C’est à l’étape de la construction que les bâtiments sont le plus vulnérables aux incendies. De nombreux incendies à grande échelle se sont déclarés sur des chantiers de construction au Canada ces dernières années. Soulignons par exemple ceux qui sont survenus à Calgary (Alberta) en mars 2015, à ingston (Ontario) en décembre 2013 et à […]


La Lutte Contre les Incendies sur les Chantiers de Construction: Prévention et Suppression des Incendies Pendant la Construction de Grands Bâtiments

Les chantiers de construction présentent des difficultés différentes à celles des bâtiments terminés pour les services d’incendie. La phase de construction est l’étape la plus dangereuse de toute la durée de vie d’un bâtiment, ceci à cause des divers risques qui lui sont inhérents, notamment: