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Emergency Motor Vehicle Crashes in British Columbia

When emergency vehicle collisions occur, especially at speed with lights and siren, they tend to evoke heightened media attention as well as public concern and interest. While these concerns are understandable given the sheer size and mass of heavy emergency vehicles (i.e., fire/ladder trucks) relative to much lighter, non-emergency vehicles, such concerns must be placed […]

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Revisiting the Safety of Smart Meter Installations in British Columbia

In June of 2011, BC Hydro commenced implementation of its Smart Metering Program, which involved converting every residential property in BC from legacy metering to wireless technology smart meters. This Smart Metering Program involves replacing existing electrical meters that are now becoming obsolete, with a comprehensive wireless smart metering system. As of August 2013 an […]


A Dynamic Risk-Based Framework for Redesigning the Scheduling of Fire Safety Inspections

This paper introduces a risk-based, data-driven framework for redesigning fire safety inspections. This framework incorporates information about previous inspections performance, the responsible person in charge of the property, the property use, and the structure type. This alternative method for scheduling fire safety inspections takes into account the likelihood of compliance, thus enabling fire services to […]


A Review of Surrey Fire Service’s Motor Vehicle Accident Response Assessment Model

In 2010, the BC Ambulance Service and Surrey Fire Service collaborated on a project to look at efficiencies for emergency services response to Motor Vehicle crashes. This report describes the results of an analysis of data provided by Surrey Fire Service on a pilot project examining the utility of an assessment tool to identify the […]


British Columbia Ambulance Service Resource Allocation Plan: An Analysis of Recent Changes to Call Codes

On October 29, 2013, the BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) implemented a change to their BC Ambulance Service Resource Allocation Plan (RAP) resulting in 74 incident codes being downgraded to Code 2 (routine) calls instead of their previous designation as Code 3 (lights and sirens) calls. BCEHS has asserted that the changes were made to […]

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The Right Decision: Evidence-based Decision Making for Fire Service Professionals

Canadian fire services are key to protecting lives while maintaining our civil infrastructure, but their high capital and labour costs often pose significant financial challenges. They are one of the major budget items for most cities and municipalities. Fire service professionals make crucial decisions regarding the level of service they can provide their communities and […]


The Nature and Extent of Marihuana Possession in British Columbia

The illegal status of marihuana has been the subject of debate for decades.1 Quantitative accounts of the police response to marihuana possession offences using data from Statistics Canada are frequently quoted in the media, by advocate groups, political parties, policy makers, police, and by academics to support their positions. However, there is very little discussion […]