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HMCRP REPORT 14: Guide for Communicating Emergency Response Information for Natural Gas and Hazardous Liquids Pipelines

Pipeline incidents can have negative consequences for life, property, and the environment. Analysis of previous inci- dents indicates that communication (the exchange of infor- mation) is crucial in the early stages of a pipeline emergency. Challenges may include recognition of the pipeline emer- gency, identification of the appropriate pipeline operator, and passing information back and […]

AARJA Bullying Report 2015-1

Towards More Caring and Restorative School Climates: The Safe School Safe Student Project Final Report

This report provides an examination of two data collection time points consisting of Spring of 2013 (Wave I) and Spring 2015 (Wave II) utilizing the Safe School Safe Student Survey. The survey assessed student experiences related to bullying at school and examined student behaviours and perceptions of the school climate following restorative action programming in schools. […]


Smoke Alarms Work, But Not Forever: Revisited Successes and Ongoing Challenges from BC’s Working Smoke Alarm Campaign

This report builds the 2012 report, “Smoke alarms work, but not forever,” which made three main points: present, functioning smoke alarms save lives; smoke alarm functionality deteriorates with time; and targeted prevention and education efforts increase functioning smoke alarm coverage. The conclusion of the 2012 report was to issue a challenge to the communities of BC to work […]

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Assessing the Safety of Smart Meter Installations in British Columbia: Analysis of Residential Structure Fires in BC Between July 2010 and June 2015

In June 2011, BC Hydro commenced implementation of its Smart Metering Program, which involved converting every residential property in BC from legacy metering to wireless technology smart meters. This Smart Metering Program involves replacing existing electrical meters that are now becoming obsolete, with a comprehensive wireless smart metering system. As of June 30, 2015, an estimated 1.921 million smart […]

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An Assessment of Surrey RCMP’S Use of Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) or Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)1, as it is better known outside of North America, is a echnological system that uses cameras to scan and capture alphanumerical images of vehicle license plates that, for law enforcement purposes, can be compared against a number of police databases to identify vehicles and persons of interest […]